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My Genpet will not eat

Please insure that you are only feeding your Genpet official Bio-Genica Genpet nutrient packs, doing otherwise will result in the voidance of your Bio-Genica warranty.

My Genpet seems sick

Please contact a Bio-Genica representative immediately.

How do I use the tooth remover?

If you find that your Genpet has been nipping it is acceptable to use the tooth remover. Please refer to the instructional manual that came with you tooth remover kit.

My Genpet will not wake up from Hibernation.

After removing your Genpet from the package make sure to unhook the feeding tube from its stomach. Under the rare circumstance that your Genpet does not awake within 15 minutes you can attempt to wake the Genpet up by lightly rubbing in a circular motion at the base of the Genpets neck. If after a few minutes of rubbing you see no noticeable change, please return your Genpet to the place of sale and exchange your Genpet for a fresh one.

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