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Doing an article or spot on the Genpets?
Please tell us! We always like to know where we've been, and we'll do our best to give you any extra text or images to help you out.

Please feel Free to contact a Bio-Genica representative for more detailed information or for scheduling of an interview. Bio-Genica can also be contacted for interactive product demonstrations or high resolution photos. Please note: due to legal limitations we can not send out samples of the Genpets.

Also, the Genpet™ Media Kit is made available for members of the media and serves as a convenient, one-stop shop for information about the Genpet™ family of products.

Press Releases

September 3rd, 2005
Demo launch for the Genpets Series 01 pet line

Genpet™ Media Coverage

Genpets has been getting a lot of press lately, enough that we can't keep up. Please be patient while we update. If you know of an article, or saw Genpets in an article, PLEASE let us know! Email us HERE. We will do our best to make it worth your while.



Globe and Mail May 20, 2008 - The cost of cloning Fluffy: $148,000 by LISAN JUTRAS. Life section - L3
The Daily Athenaeum January 29, 2008 - By Brittany Franklin, A&E Writer - Section: Arts & Entertainment Section. pg 1 and pg 5
Book - "Biotech Pioneers" Author: Ellen ter Gast 2007. pg 153-157
EIKONES (Weekly greek magazine) "GENETIKH" Author: Tania Markoutsa October 2007 pg 30
Cosmos Magazine (The Science of Everything) Austrialia, pg 32-33 issue 15 June/July 2007
Boston Globe Art from the science lab: It's weird, but to what effect? by Ken Johnson, Globe Staff March 14, 2007
Chicago Tribune "Bio-artists bridge the gaps between arts and sciences" March 8th 2007
Eagle-Tribune Montserrat comes 'Alive' with a new show melding science and art, By Rebecca Schoonmaker Feb 16, 2007
The Phoenix "Must Warn Others" Randi Hopkins Feb 6, 2007
Beverly Citizen "Itís Alive! Or is it?" By Dan Mac Alpine. Beverly, MA. January 31, 2007
Plain Dealer Clevland Ohio, Frank Bentayou. Wednesday, September 27, 2006. Section: Arts & Life, Page E1 Zone All
The Varsity UofT Toronto newspaper "Spawning the Genpet generation". Jennifer Bates, Issue date: 9/21/06 Section: Science.
Baslerstab (Local newspaper Basel Switzerland) "Genpets in Basel". Sarah Kuhni , August 8, 2006. Page 14
The London Free Press (Front Page) "Genpets create uproar". Jennifer O'Brien, July 4, 2006
The New York Times. Saturday June 24, 2006. B5 "Artistic Pet License" Dan Mitchell.
The Times (UK) June 20, 2006 "Gene genies" Martin Waller
HUMO Magazine (Belgium) June 20, 2006
AI and Society Magazine (Jan-Mar, 2006 . publisher, Springer)
20 Minuten, August 31, 2005 (Germany)
DOSE Magazine (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa), August 9, 2005.
NOW Magazine, Issue 1226 VOL.24 NO. 46 Pg 84, July 14-20, 2005.
QUO Magazine, Nº121 Page 30, October 2005 (Spain)
National Post, The Big Picture 41, R.M. Vaughn, Saturday, July 23, 2005

BROADCAST Bravo! News / CityPulse24 / CityTV, Toronto. (Same clip played numerous times) (Date: on and around June 16 2006)
G4TechTV June 14 2006 7pm EST Featured on "Attack of the Show"
TELEMADRID, Originally aired 20:30 (local time - Madrid) September 29, 2005
MobuzzTV, Originally aired August 02, 2005 in both English and Spanish.


98 PXY in Rochester NY around 7:45 AM on Friday, July 14, 2006
B101 FM Philadelphia, PA. June 21, 2006 AM. Hosted by Chris and Tiffany.
98 Rock Tampa Bay, Florida. June 20, 2006 (morning show with Big Rig and Pat Largo)

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