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About us

Bio-Genica is a Bioresearch, marketing, and manufacturing company that was founded in 2004. Our Company is based in the private sector to better serve the interests of all involved in this industry and Bio-Genica. Our goal is to expose a new generation to Bioengineering from an early age so that they will become accustomed to it and accept it as natural, as we have learned, and been conditioned to accept every other technology in our lives.

Bio-Genica has the market focus, products, services, and team dedicated to maintaining and extending our leadership in our core markets.

Our product lines will continue to be refined for maximum efficiency and we welcome all feedback. Bio-Genica is: REdesigning, REdefining, REdiscovering, and REthinking nature, and will continue to achieve the most significant scientific and creative breakthroughs of the 21st century. Exciting changes are ahead and we hope that you’ll be right there with us.


We invite you to REthink nature with Bio-Genica.


Disclaimer: Slow down, Stop, and Think. Do some research, breath a little, and think about your reaction and thoughts on the issue this site raises. and if you're excited at the prospect, perhaps you really need to stop and think even more than others. (explanation).

The quick explanation: Genpets is an award winning sculptural work of art that since 2005 has been displayed in art galleries and museum displays around the world and has had millions of hits to it's website.

The long explanation: have a read here.

Artist statement

In 1985, the US Patents and trademarks Office (PTO) affirmed the legal precedent, ruling that
genetically engineered plants, seeds and animal tissue could all be patented. Today, agricultural
crops are being modified and organisms with built-in obsolescence are being sold as commodities.
Life itself is quickly becoming a processed commodity in the privatization of nature. Biological
engineering by large companies, outside of nature has become a terrifying reality for my
generation to contend with.
Many times, research and development follow funding (usually fuelled by commercial interests).
Genpets takes a step back to examine trends in the pet craze and ponder where a new technology like Biotech may take it. A critical step in Genpets is that it also echoes current states such as pet stores and factory farms.
It's important to take a critical look at both sides of an issue before coming to any sort of conclusion. Bioengineering could lead to medical breakthroughs that save lives, but will it? Or will it be used in the same way we use the majority of technology in our lives.

Personal message form the author

Is Genpets then a 'hoax' becuase it's not real? One big fabrication, a lie to decieve and waste time? If it is, then so is almost every work of art ever created. The idea behind art, probably the most basic idea, is to create an illusion. Someone who paints a tree, unless they've posted a note beside the painting saying "this is not a tree" ("ce ne pas une pipe?") would then be a 'hoax' for the same reason. It is the image of an object that does not exist. Again, like many works of creation be it a novel or film, the idea is to get the viewer thinking about the issues it brings up, but it requires a certian suspension of disbeleif on the part of the viewer. It baffles me how many people are like "oh ha ha you got me". The idea isn't to 'get you'.... it's to help get you thinking about these issues, no matter what your oppinion.... If I simply shout 'It's not real!' on the main page, or throw my oppinion in your face with a large artist statement all that is lost, and then there's pretty much zero point to the entire website then. While I don't personally ever want to see genpets become a reality, I really like that there's such a strong dynamic in oppinions. so many people want one and and so many are aggressivly against it. Genpets is 100% meant to illict an emotional reaction but it's up to you the viewer to decide what that reaction is. That's why I'm more interested in writting an explanation like this then some heavy handed essay. I think that is where a lot of contemporary art fails.

I've written the Genpets website with a heavy dose of sarcasm, so while you can't see "the canvas" (and people complain that it's too 'real', simply reading the website should be enough to kick in that this isn't real. But failing that, and the fact there's no prices, there's no out of package shots, and that science isn't at this level yet, there's this explanation you're hopefully reading. Cheers.

You can view my personal site here www.brandejs.ca.

The sculptures themselves are for sale (people ask that a lot), however, as it took 9 months to create the 19 of them, no, they're not cheap. My personal site has the details. Again, they're not alive. I can write that 20 times but I'll still get atleast 3 emails each week asking me that question. I try to reply to most of the emails sent to genpets.com, to let people know they're not real, and even then, it's amazing how many people reply back still confused thinking that they're alive.
As the sculptures are rather expensive for non art collectors, I'd just reinforce there's the catalogue and t-shirts and such available via the media section. Nothing quite tops the looks you'll get from giving a genpet shirt as a gift.


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